Freddie Gibbs has been signed to Young Jeezy’s CTE imprint for over a year, but it appears that their business relationship may be no longer.

On Friday night, Gangsta Gibbs took to Twitter to hint that he’s without a record deal and imply that he’s not signed to CTE. “I’m the coldest Free Agent in the game,” he wrote. “Feelin like Lebron at decision time.”

The Gary, Indiana rapper recently gave an interview where he discussed the delay of his debut album for CTE. He said that he doesn’t see Jeezy very often because of scheduling conflicts, but that they are “cliqued up” and still tight.



Early yesterday morning, though, Str8 Slammin’ affiliate Hit Skrewface took to Twitter and suggested that there could be controversy brewing between Gibbs and Jeezy. “If @YoungJeezy take @FreddieGibbs off all them songs he wrote, he will not be considered the realest nigga in it in my eyes #keepit100.”

Check the tweets below (via FSD).

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