Even though Gunplay is still on house arrest after his armed robbery charges, that isn’t keeping the MMG artist from making music. Now, in a recent interview with HipHopWired, the controversial rapper says he has a time frame for his studio debut.

Although he doesn’t have a title or lead single for his impending Def Jam debut, the Texas rapper revealed that fans can expect to hear his LP in the spring of 2013.

“We don’t have [a release date] yet, I know it’s going to be spring, [of] next year,” he promised.

Gunplay also discussed his recent house arrest situation and how he’s learned from his actions. He said that it’s made him weigh the smaller things in life on a more important scale, and that it will ultimately have, “a positive outcome.”

“Hindsight is always 20/20,” he said. “I definitely realized my mistakes and I’m definitely going to learn from them, and learn the values from the little things in life because they can definitely be taken away from you quick. It’s definitely been an unfortunate event, but a positive outcome.”

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