Through the course of selling over 1 million albums independently, Tech N9ne has amassed a large and diverse fan base that includes Juggalos, war veterans and more. Tech and his Strange Music cohorts traverse the country for the majority of each calendar year, meeting and entertaining tens of thousands of fans at a time. And this week, MTV will turn their camera lenses on him to see what keeps the fans and Tech so in tune with each other.

“I love coming in contact with my fans,” Tech explained, in a preview of “Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover,” his upcoming MTV2 special. “That’s why I love doing the meet and greets. They bring me so much happiness one-on-one.”

“Tech N9ne’s Hostile Takeover: The Story Behind the Tour” will air Sunday, November 25 at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT on MTV2. The program will cover Tech’s historic 2012 Hostile Takeover Tour, which saw him 93 shows in 104 days. A sneak preview is available below courtesy of MTV2.

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