Swizz Beatz found himself in a bad light this week after TMZ unearthed documents claiming that New York State filed a lien against him for $98,000 in unpaid taxes. After providing documents to clear up the issue, Swizzy stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club to talk about the situation, stating that he had tax issues in the past but that he’s learned from his mistakes and has better fiscal responsibility.

“Say I owed $10 million. Don’t say I owed $100,000. The story was about a $98,000 lien. I see where they got that from. I’m not going to say I never had tax problems. ’06, ’07, I had tax problems. It was like, whatever,” he said. “As you get older, you know how to maintain your funds, maintain your businesses. I’m involved with next-level businesses across seas, this that and the third. It’s like, you’ve gotta know how to graduate those things when you’re dealing with these people. This can’t be coming up. When you’re doing business, everybody know everything. They know who’s who and what’s what, what you make and how you doing. These people are billionaires. For me to be in that lane, I have to be responsible anyways.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also addresses accusations of stealing the beat for “Everyday Birthday,” his altruistic endeavors and more.

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