Despite it’s somewhat quirky name, the Minimoog Voyager analog synthesizer is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Moog synths have been go to tool for many a Hip Hop producer, including DJ Quik, who owns a Voyager signed by Bob Moog.

“Dr. Dre is doing a lot of Moog, Warren G is doing Moog, all of these other artists are doing Moog,” Quik told when reflecting on the abundance of sythesizer-based production in the mid-90’s. “Above the Law, AMG, everybody is doing the Moog sound. Even on the East Coast, Biggie and them were doing Moog, Diddy, Moog. Outside of Wu-Tang Clan and other more Hip Hop affiliated groups.”

In celebration of the Minimoog’s tenth anniversary, and in what the company is calling “a testament to American craftsmanship,” Moog is handcrafting 31 of the 24 Karat gold Voyagers. Additionally, 30 of the gold Voyagers will be available for purchase worldwide, while one will be given away as part of a contest Moog is launching November 17. As part of the anniversary celebration, current registered Moog owners will also receive small gifts.

“We are so thankful to the thousands of Minimoog Voyager customers for making the Minimoog the best selling analog synth of the last decade,” Moog Music CEO Mike Adams noted via written statement. “Without them, we may not have been able to continue hand building instruments in downtown Asheville, North Carolina. Sending each and every one of them a small gift is a small gesture of our immense gratitude.”

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