Fans have been waiting nearly a year at this point for the release of Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y’s collaborative mixtape Live in Concert. Now, in an interview with 2DopeBoyz, the New Orleans half of the duo gives fans an update on the project.

Spitta said that despite his and Wiz’s best efforts, the mixtape is still being held up by a sample clearance issue. Regardless, he said they are doing their best to expedite the matter and put the project out. As an added bonus, however, Spitta said he was considering making his upcoming New Jet City a free project as a thank you to fans for waiting.

“We’re fighting so hard for the Live in Concert [project], ” he said. “We’re trying got hurry up and pay them for clearances and put it out, ‘cus that shit was done when my leg was broken. It’s like, we got so much shit done, I’m going through songs on the hard drive to complete New Jet City. That’s gonna be the next project. I’m debating – I might put it out for free. I was gonna put it out retail, but I’m figuring since everything’s going with Live in Concert and there’s been so many hold-ups…[I might] give them a record…[it’ll drop] probably in the next couple of weeks. I just gotta think of a cool date, that’s all.”

Check out the full interview below.

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