Game stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, touching on a handful of topics including his upcoming album Jesus Piece and his VH1 reality show. He also spoke about his now infamous fight with 40 Glocc that prompted him to file a lawsuit. The West Coast rapper said that he’ll probably end up having to settle with 40 as an apology for taking his street cred.

“My money Nia Long, so I’ll pay him. It’s cool,” he said. “I didn’t settle but I’m pretty sure it’s going ot come to that because I’m pretty sure I owe him some money. Once he got knocked out, I pretty much took his street cred. So all he had left to do was sue. If he can get a Prius off of me, it’s all good.”

He also denied that he ever pulled a gun on 40, which he claims in the suit. Game says that he was beating him with one hand and holding a camera in the other, but that 40 made that up to make him look worse.

“I only got two hands. I had the camera in one hand and was hitting him with the other one. Nobody pulled guns on that dude. But I guess that makes it better for the lawsuit or whatnot.”

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