Questions surrounding Outkast have always followed Big Boi, even as the emcee has tried to branch out into a solo career. Recently, more Outkast questions followed. In this interview with Wild 94.9, Big Boi was asked to name artists he would add to Outkast. He was also asked to provide an update on the status of an Outkast album.

When asked about new members he would add to Outkast, Big Boi went away from Hip Hop.

“I’d definitely put Bob Marley in there and John Lennon. Definitely,” he said. “Just think about what that would sound like.” 

Later, he was asked to provide a status update on his life in music. While the interviewer mentioned Outkast in the question, Big Boi had no updates on that front. Instead, he spoke on other artists he’s working with.

“I’m developing a new group right now called FishHawk out of Atlanta, a new Rock group. Dope,” he shared. “They got a track called ‘Descending’ on my new record. Still, I’ve got Janelle Monae. She’s about to come out with anew record. Really just cultivating the artists and trying to make the dopest music that’s on the planet.”  

Big Boi is currently prepping the release of Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors.

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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