In part 2 of an interview on The Comeback Jack Show’s 100th episode, Brooklyn-bred emcee Fabolous spoke openly when asked about his recent hiatus from the public eye. The rapper has recently taken a break from Twitter, where he was one of the most popular rappers with over 2 million followers.

“Certain people didn’t always take my jokes the right way, so I didn’t wanna keep getting into little dumb altercations, or arguments or ray j moments over it,” Fabolous explained.

Twitter isn’t the only place Fab thinks the public’s perception of him has been misconstrued. While he and the mother of his child, Emily Bustamante are happy and raising their son together, he feels that the reality show “Love And Hip Hop” distorted their relationship in the public eye. As happy has they may be, don’t expect to see the two making a trip down the aisle anytime soon.

“The thing about marriage is that, I believe in it but don’t believe in it,” Fabolous added. “I think sometimes people put on that ring and that paper, and it messes up a good thing, because now it’s a different emphasis on your relationship…I like to just build on relationships and make sure you’re in a happy relationship.”

While he has been on a hiatus from social media Fab hasn’t taken a break from making music. On top of the highly anticipated The S.O.U.L. Tape 2, Fabolous has been preparing his next studio album, Loso’s Way 2, for a February release.

“We have some incredible music on there. It’s taking me so long to do it because I really want the right ingredients, I’m really putting together a great album.”

During the interview, which can be seen below, Fab also talks about his previous work with Young Jeezy and Joe Budden. The S.O.U.L. Tape 2 is scheduled to drop November 22.

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Additional reporting by Dante Miles.