In August of this year, courts upheld Max B’s robbery-murder case conviction, placing the rapper at a 2042 release date from prison.

Still, this hasn’t dissuaded Max from galvanizing the people, as he believes that getting four million signatures in a petition to release him from prison would actually succeed.

“We trying to get the petition on ‘Pardon The Wave’ signed,” said the incarcerated rapper to “We trying to go at the governor; we trying to go at the president. To the people that’s not signing the petition and screaming ‘Free Max B,’ that’s not wavy. Do the right thing; sign the petition.”

Despite the seemingly overwhelming odds he seems to be facing, Max remains in good spirits: “Right now, I’m on post convictions. I’m still early in my appeal stages,” he explained. “This next appeal could take anywhere from 18 months…it could drag out for 10 years if I’m not on my game. But if I got the support I need, and everyone [does] what they’re supposed to do, I’m trying to get right back to court in the next 18 months to two years.”

“This appeal right here, this is the one. This is kinda better than the first one, because I can come with different legal strategies. I just need the people to come out support the party and support the wave.”

Fans wishing to take part in the wave pardoning can do so at

Watch the interview below:

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