From “punch[ing] through school buses” to his most recent “Seanwuar” video, Duck Down veteran Sean Price is as known for his sense of humor as his hardcore rhymes. Now, in a recent interview with The Village Voice, the Brownsville emcee explains his beef with Dr. Cornel West.

In a recent Tweet dated to October 12, P! took aim at the revered Princeton professor, joking that West is, “the devil[,] he drinks cow blood and fuck goats.” While Price explained that he doesn’t necessarily believe West is actually the Devil, he still doesn’t really trust any person trying too hard to promote a specific agenda.

“It’s something about people who talk all that shit and all that, ‘We need to do this and we need to do that,'” he said. “I don’t trust nobody, I don’t believe nobody. I don’t think he’s intentionally poisoning us; he thinks he’s doing good but he’s a puppet like the rest of them.”

Check out the original Tweet below.

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