There’s been some speculation that Jay-Z doesn’t own as much of the Brooklyn Nets as he lets on, with some stating that he only holds a stake of one-fifteenth of one percent. Dr. Cornel West, who has been friends with Hov for some time, recently spoke on the 

“Jay-Z came from the Marcy projects, but look at him now. He owns the whole – no, he owns one-fifteenth of one percent of the whole stadium. Let’s get it right, now,” he said. “They got a Russian gangster who owns 80 percent.”

He said that Jay should be held accountable for how much he actually owns of the team and that he’s only encouraging him to be honest “out of love.”

“Now I love Jay-Z, I’ve spent much time with the brother. He’s a lyrical genius. But we’ve got to tell him the truth,” he said. “Tell the truth, Jay-Z. You tell the truth on Reasonable Doubt in 1996, that’s what he started out with. He’s telling the truth, we love you negro. But we gon’ make sure you’re accountable too. All of us in this together, and I’m saying it out of love.”

Watch the video below (via JoyDailyTV).

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