Kendrick Lamar continued to make the rounds to honor the release of his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, which hit stores yesterday.

After delivering a five-minute freestyle on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, K. Dot sat down with the host to talk about combining the tracks “Sing About Me” and “I’m Dying of Thirst,” stating that the events described on each track occurred on the same day. Because of that, he brought the songs together to symbolize a shift in perspective on the LP.

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“That’s a real turning point of the album,” he said. “Before I became this person with a mature aspect on life, it was a dark place I came from, a place of negativity, a place of being unruly. ‘Dying of Thirst’ is actually a specific story about one of my homeboys passing away before my eyes. It really turned everything around full circle. So when you go to a track like ‘Dying of Thirst,’ and that same day we was getting a spoken word from an elderly lady telling us about God and getting some type of prosperity out of that… I really based them two tracks together because that was a situation that happened that exact same time. So when I say ‘Dying of Thirst,’ she’s really talking about getting hit with holy water or saving yourself.”

He also touched on how Tupac‘s style influenced how he went into writing songs for the album. “Storytelling was the whole niche of the album. I wanted to bring that back to the game. What ‘Pac showed me was really not being scared to show vulnerability in your music, because that makes the biggest connection with the audience. When I speak on certain topics about certain friends or my homeboys or a certain female, it’s not only real to me, but it’s real to the listener.”

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