For 50 Cent, being the second hip-hop artist signed to a sneaker deal with Reebok has been more profitable than ever for the company and hip-hop. Releasing the second shoe in the “G-Unit Collection” the “G6” last month, Reebok has had to go back to production since the shoe sold out in all the key global markets and online in one day. The shoe, which costs $80.50, has been sported by 50 Cent and the G-Unit on tour and in videos.

“My Reebok G-Unit sneaker blew out of the stores just like I hoped it would,” 50 Cent said. “The word has hit the streets, I rap about the shoe in my new video ‘Stunt 101,’ and the fans are definitely feeling it.” On December 23rd the next “G-Unit” shoe to hit the stores will be the black/royal G6 followed by a white/pink G6 sneaker available for women. Also that same month a white/ice G6 sneaker will be available in stores.

“Reebok is thrilled with the early buzz the G6 has generated,” said Micky Pant, Reebok’s chief marketing officer. “50 Cent has earned his reputation as the hottest MC right now and young people want to sport the shoe he is wearing.” A proceed of each shoe purchased goes to a charity of 50 Cent’s choosing.