Last night, police raided Nelly’s tour bus at a checkpoint in Sierra Blanca, Texas, discovering heroin, marijuana and a loaded gun.

According to TMZ, cops pulled the bus over and performed a search. During the inspection, they discovered 36 small bags of heroin totaling .64 ounces, over 10 pounds of marijuana in a large green duffle bag and a loaded .45 pistol.

Seven people were on Nelly’s bus at the time, including the rapper, and were all detained during the inspection. One of the passengers named Brian Keith Jones admitted that the contraband was his. Nelly and the others were released.

This is the same checkpoint where celebrities including Fiona Apple, Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been pinched for drugs over the past few years.

UPDATE: Nelly has denied any involvement with the bust on his bus last night. In a statement to TMZ, he says that it all lies in the hands of the sole individual who brought the contraband on the bus.

“It is my understanding a member of my staff made an unfortunate decision to bring unlawful materials onto our tour bus that resulted in his arrest this morning,” said Nelly. “Neither I nor anyone else on the tour bus was aware of his decision to bring these on board. Law enforcement officials did not press charges against anyone other than that individual.”

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