It looks like fans may have the opportunity to own a piece of Young Buck history. According to XXL, the currently incarcerated emcee has number of his personal possessions on sale on eBay.

A number of the former G-Unit member’s personal goods are currently on sale on eBay through noted music memorabilia seller Vintagemusicgear. As of right now, Buck is selling a Live Mechanics jacket, an Artful Dodger coat, a Bachrach pinstripe suit and a full craps table.  

The first three clothing items from Buck’s collection are currently selling for $300 bid price, and the craps table is selling for a $4,000 starting bid. The items currently listed on eBay reportedly came from the recent IRS auction of Buck’s estate.

Young Buck is currently serving an 18 month stint in prison for possession of a deadly weapon. The complete list of items for sale can be found over at XXL.

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