RiFF RaFF recently chopped it up with Vlad TV about white rappers using the N word. Like many white emcees who came before him, Jody High Roller responded to the question, stating that he doesn’t judge others for what he does and focuses more on positivity than negativity.

“I can only speak for myself and not what somebody else does. If I’m hanging with someone and we’re just chilling and everything, I’m just enjoying that person’s company because that’s the person I am,” he said. “So whatever they do in their spare time in their life or whatever they say and talk, who am I to tell somebody what to say or think? I never tell somebody what to do or what to say. Because think about this.”

He justified his stance by stating that instead of focusing on epithets, people should be blessed to have the ability to speak in a language and understand others.

“Think about all the people with different languages. What if there’s people in other languages and they’re saying shit about such and such or whatever, and you can’t understand them? Some people can’t even talk, so just be appreciative that everybody can give off from their vocal chords and can express a noise and a frequency that you can even understand that, that you have ears to hear that.”

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