Mr. J Medeiros of Colorado Springs, Colorado Hip Hop group The Procussions contacted HipHopDX today (September 18) with news of a group reunion. Seven years removed from recording 5 Sparrows For 2 Cents, the now-duo (with Stro Elliot f/k/a The 89th Key) is recording an upcoming February, 2013 project. The forthcoming album will be recorded and released if the group can raise $10,000 from fans through their page. With 87 days left (as of today) J and Stro are at nearly 40% of their financing. Supporters can choose from a variety of levels, all receiving the album and much more.

They released the following video:

In a statement also posted on IndieGogo, the group explained their absence:

“It’s been seven years since our last record, and during that time we’ve learned three very important things. 1) The energy within The Procussions cannot be harnessed individually. 2) We MISS writing music and doing shows as a group! 3) After years of touring, many of those as “openers” for major acts, we’ve come to realize that in the end, only OUR fan-base matters. We can’t measure our “success” on any other name but our own!”

In the years since The Procussions disbanded in 2008, J Medeiros has released multiple albums, most recently this April’s Pale Blue Dot EP. Stro has produced for artists such as Wrekonize of ¡Mayday! and Phonte.

(September 18, 2012)

UPDATE: In a new fundraising effort, The Procussions have announced a “1K Song” campaign. For $1,000, the former Rawkus Records group will write, record and distribute a song for you, yours or an organization. The package comes complete with artwork designed by the Procussions’ longtime designer Luke Atencio.

For more information, fans can visit the band’s page.

The group is also planning a September album, with details emerging.

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