R&B star Usher Raymond has remained relatively tight-lipped over the past few months when it comes to his child custody case with his ex Tameka Raymond and the tragic passing of his stepson Kyle Glover, but during an interview with Oprah Winfrey on her Next Chapter series the Atlanta singer finally opened up about the recent happenings in his life.

During his interview with Winfrey, Usher came across as visibly emotional as he began to speak on the passing of his 11-year-old stepson just weeks ago.

“I miss Kyle,” said Usher in a video posted on RapRadar.com. “And I happened to be in Los Angeles, California when I received a call from Tameka she said I need to come back, something happened with Kyle up on Lake Lanier. And I didn’t know how real it was so I reached out to Ryan, of course respectfully, to get a better understanding. And in the course he told me that there had been an accident. And I said, ‘Well I can fly Tameka back. Would you like me to do that?’ And he said ‘Yes, get her back here as soon as possible.’”

Usher revealed that despite his requests to both his ex and the judge to have the trial postponed due to the death of his stepson, the trial continued.

“You can’t imagine how hard it was,” Usher explained when asked if it was hard dealing with both Glover’s death and the custody case. “I couldn’t imagine how hard it was which was part of the reason why I asked that we not go back to court. It was a personal request that I made to the judge, a personal request I made to Tameka that in this time of grievance that she take that moment to deal and let’s deal with this later. I even had said to her in my visitation of Kyle at the hospital…and while there I said this right here is obvious evidence that it’s worth not fighting.”

Usher also spoke on the end of his marriage, infidelity issues, and more during the nearly hour-long interview.

Oprah’s Next Chapter | Usher (FULL EPISODE) by Ashley_Miller_3

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