While Slaughterhouse has received much critical acclaim over the years, the group has not seen that translate to commercial appeal.

In a recent interview on ThisIs50.com, the quartet addressed whether they are underrated. “No,” said Joell Ortiz, while Joe Budden yelled, “Fuck yeah!” Joell elaborated: “I can’t walk on the street – I’m not Joell Ortiz anymore! I’m a fuckin’ one-quarter of [Slaughterhouse], that’s it.”

“Every fuckin’ show, niggas peekin’ behind stage, I’m like, ‘they’re not here!'” added Joell, laughing. “We get respect. Niggas respect us.”

Joe Budden offered a different opinion. “We four of the best rappers in the world, I feel like. That’s just me. And, let me be clear: I feel like every emcee – not rapper – I feel like every emcee should have that mind state.”

Royce Da 5’9 also weighed in on the matter. “We done gave radio certain records that we feel can go, and they didn’t go for reasons other than how good we feel the record is, how a lot of people feel the record is.”

Watch the interview below:

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