Future sometimes uses Auto-tune in his music. One of his biggest commercial hits, “Tony Montana,” takes its name from the drug dealing title character of Brian De Palma’s 1983 action movie, Scarface. Taken at face value, these aren’t characteristics that listeners probably associate with artists such as Outkast, Killer Mike and Goodie Mob. Yet, aside from calling Atlanta, Georgia home, the aforementioned emcees share a common thread with Future—being under the tutelage of Rico Wade of Organized Noize.

“The Dungeon Family’s motto is just always being different,” Pluto explained, in the most recent episode of his viral series presented via YouTube. “That’s the O.G., legendary wisdom I got from Khujo and Big Rube. I had to dumb my music down to to get the listener’s ear, but now I know where I can come back and take them. I can always come back and take them somewhere, because I’ve got their ear now. Once you’ve got their ear, then it’s time to say something and really give them a message. You relate to the people, and you can touch their heart.”

In addition to music industry knowledge, Future says Wade took him in and was a father figure. Since his early days of being known as Meathead of the Dungeon Family’s second generation group, Da Connect, Future has parlayed that knowledge into a commercially successful career. In addition to working with the likes of Ludacris, Diddy, T.I. and Drake, Future’s singles “Magic,” “Same Damn Time” and “Turn On The Lights” have all landed within the top 25 on Billboard magazine’s Top R&B/Hip Hop songs chart.



Watch the full interview below.

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