After returning from a six-year prison sentence for sexual battery and extortion, rapper Mystikal was ordered back to prison this year to serve out a 90 day sentence for violating his probation in a domestic abuse case. Now, in his first interview since his release, the Cash Money emcee reflects on his 81 days in jail.

Mystikal said that serving the near-three month sentence was just as difficult as serving his six-year sentence back in 2004. Still, he said it was beneficial because it gave him time to reflect on his current legal situation and asses what he had to lose if any further incidents occured.

“81 days I’ma be right back, that’s that bullshit,” he said. “The fuckin’ 81 days was just pretty much as tough as that six [years in prison] – of course not as bad, [but] I had did the time, inked my deal and I was on my way back up the charts and here goes the bullshit again. God damn…I definitely took advantage of it. I used it as an opportunity to just calm down, reflect on everything and just stay fresh and stay home and stay ready for when the days elapsed.”



Mystikal also recalled his brief stint in the military after he finished high school. He said that he and frequent collaborator Guillotine actually joined together in an attempt to earn enough money to purchase luxury cars, but that the military lifestyle was not one he could maintain.

“Military, that actually came a year after high school,” he recalled. “Me and Guillotine joined together, too. We actually joined the army to both buy BMWs and Porsches or something like that; we wanted some foreign cars and figured that would be the easiest way to acquire those things. That army life wasn’t for me. As soon as I left to go to the army, KLC and them started making records – c’mon man, what kinda shit is that there?”

Check out the full interview below.

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