Q-Tip has a hand in the upcoming G.O.O.D. Music compilation Cruel Summer, tentatively releasing on September 18th. During an interview with Complex for their G.O.O.D. Music cover story, Kamaal revealed that he produced and wrote for the project, and also explained what he learned from being in the studio with Pusha T and Jay-Z.

“One thing I got from Pusha from watching him and his description of things, his approach is really interesting because he really immerses himself in his music. We all do, but his way of doing it is beyond words. It’s amazing to watch and see how he does it,” he said. Watching Jay do lyrics and watching ‘Ye do beats, you see similarities in yourself to them. Sometimes when that happens you are like, ‘Phew. I’m not the only crazy one. They do the same shit I do.’ That’s a learning point as well. When I’ve seen Jay do lyrics, he’ll sit back and spit the rhymes himself, he’ll leave a bar or two, he’ll come back to it another day and fill it in. He’ll go away and think about and come back two days later and fill it in. I’m a person who will fill that in. And I’ve seen ‘Ye do it too. It’s a technique thing.”

Read the full interview over at Complex.com.

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