It turns out Quentin Tarantino is a fan of the Wu-Tang Clan and tapped the group’s pioneering producer, RZA to score some of the fight scenes.

“I was a fan of Tarantino’s,” explains RZA. “And I learned he was a fan of mine. Wu-Tang 36 Chambers. Cuban Linx. Liquid Swords was one of his favorite Wu-Tang albums by the GZA. He wold come to set reciting our rhymes. I loved Pulp Fiction. I think Reservoir Dogs is a masterpiece.” So RZA, who’s striving to be a movie director, asked Quentin if he could be the eyes behind his back and learn the art of moviemaking by watching one of the best. Tarantino said it would be his honor.

“I spent 30 days or more on the set. I gained an incredible education.” At first just chilling, Quentin soon put RZA to work. The kung-fu flick lovin’ beatmaster was constantly creating tracks while absorbing the action in Beijing, Mexico and California (RZA didn’t go to Japan).

“I always brought a musical instrumemnt or something to program music with to set. Everything I submitted for Kill Bill Part II (coming soon) was made during Part I.” Also check for RZA’s latest solo album, Birth Of A Prince in stores now.

RZA’s Top 5 Kung-Fu Flicks for Beginners

1. Five Deadly Venoms

2. Shogun Assassin

3. Masta Killa: 36 Chambers

4. Buddhist Fist

5. Master of the Flying Guilletine