He may now be one of the world’s highest selling emcees, but there was once a time before Eminem found fame and acclaim. Now, The List reports that Marshall Mathers actually almost gave up on his career before it even started.

Em recalled that he almost gave up on music after getting booed off stage at his first live performance. Despite the trauma of bombing on stage, he worked past it and grabbed the mic once again. He went on to say that rapping has been his driving force in life and helped him come back from his lowest moments. 

“The first time I rapped in front of actual people that mattered, in a club, I got booed. And it was very traumatic for me,” he said. “I just remember it being so fucking traumatic, and I think I went home and I was like, man, I quit. And you know a week later, a day later, an hour later I got the urge, and I was like, I gotta get up, I gotta do it again.”

He went on to say, “I certainly feel like if it wasn’t for Rap, obviously, I wouldn’t be here, but it gave me my voice, it gave me my outlook, it gave me strength, you know what I came back from, overdose and a whole load of shit – without rap I wouldn’t be able to do a fucking thing.”

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