One of Nas’ most personal songs from his latest album Life Is Good is “Daughters,” which deals with some of the issues the Queensbridge emcee has had with raising his daughter, Destiny Jones.

In a recent interview with Philadelphia’s Power 99’s Cosmic Kev, Nas explained that the track addressed real-life situations with Destiny. “It’s mostly her,” confirmed Nas. “She’s a good kid. With the new age, with computers, the kids get a chance to do a lot more than we did when we was teenagers. They do so much more. So they way they pop off, [that’s] the way they bring attention to they whole thing.”

Nas admitted that he was partly to blame for the issues, which included his daughter posting pictures of condoms on her Twitter account. “And part of it is our fault. They see what’s going on in the entertainment business, in show business, so the internet gives them a way to act like they’re in that game now. They can feel like they can talk to the world through the internet, so everybody’s doing all kinds of mess on the internet.”

“My whole thing to my daughter was, ‘Be careful of stylin’ on people on there, talking crazy,'” added Nas. “It’s not a Rap song. It’s really something people look at and try to judge you off of.”

Watch the interview below:

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