Singer Ray J became a trending topic on Twitter early this morning when he retweeted a statement from former lover Kim Kardashian. The current girlfriend of Kanye West and longtime E! reality star wrote, “Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts,” to which Ray J added “Lol,” meaning “laugh out loud.”

Speaking with Power106 this morning, Ray J, who appeared in a 2003 sex-tape with Kim Kardashian, explained, “I felt like it was real, what [Kim Kardashian tweeted]. I kinda laughed about it, ’cause it was 100.”

The E1 Entertainment artist added, “I wish ’em the best. Life is a roller-coaster, so you never know what’s gonna happen. But I wish ’em the best, much success to both of ’em.” Seemingly as a joke, he continued, “Yo, this whole thing is like a Magic Mountain experience.” Earlier this week, Kardashian and West were photographed at the Six Flags Magic Mountain amusement park.

Although his statements might appear to be subliminal shots, Ray J clarified, “I don’t want people to take [this] any kind of way, I’m just havin’ fun.” The singer also claimed he is a big fan of Kanye West’s music.

Listen to the full interview here.