Over the course of his storied career, Nas has collaborated with many an artist. On his most recent stop at BET’s 106 & Park, the emcee received accolades from two of them.

After listing Nicki Minaj as one of the best female rappers he has ever heard (though giving the title to Lauryn Hill), Nas was surprised by a call from Nicki, who congratulated him on Life Is Good, his 10th studio album.

“I just wanted to call in and send my love vibes over to Nas,” said Nicki. “To be such a superstar and such an icon, he was so humble,” said Nicki of Nas, whom she kissed in her video for  “Right By My Side”.

“I didn’t really expect that from him. He was the most humble person on the set and it just took my respect for him to another level.”

Mary J. Blige also called into the show to congratulate Nas on his latest. “Thank you so much for being so consistent and loving us so much that you would take care of us the way you have, through your lyrics, through your videos. You are the truth,” said MJB, who is featured on the Life Is Good cut “Reach Out.” “Thank you so much for letting me be a part of…’Reach Out.'”

Watch the interview below:

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