Last month, SoHo venue Club W.i.P. played the Octagon to Chris Brown and Drake when the two artists and their entourages reportedly entered into a brawl that ended with bottles of champagne being thrown. Now, it looks like the now notorious nightlife spot is preparing to re-open its doors at midnight on July 11. 

According to NY Daily News, Club W.i.P. will re-open after a New York judge restored its liquor license this past Monday July 9. The club, along with its sister spot the Greenhouse, had been shut down by the NYPD in the wake of the fray and a host of other charges unrelated to the incident.

“When we reopen our doors, we will be focused on providing a safe and fun atmosphere for our customers. To that end, we are enhancing our security,” said the club’s owner in a statement.

Despite their restored liquor license, the club faces a number of lawsuits from other patrons injured in the scuffle, including San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, whose cornea was lacerated by a shard of glass from one of the thrown bottles.

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