With the release of his Joy and Pain EP, ANTHM is looking ahead to his next project.

When the topic of his song from the project with Blu, “Polaris,” came up, ANTHM revealed that an entire EP with Blu was in the works.

ANTHM revealed that the origins of the project occurred with the two artists linking up in Austin, Texas. “As far as working with Blu, he was gracious enough to come down to Austin [for SXSW], and that’s when we started chopping it up about doing a project together,” said ANTHM to AllHipHop.com.

“That’s in the works now. We’re going to do an EP with him on the production side, and also have him on a couple of the records,” added ANTHM.

“He’s sent tracks, and I’ve been writing and it’s really about just fleshing out the creative direction of it. How realistic is it? It’s very realistic.”

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