It looks like rapper Supastition’s retirement from the rap game has ended prematurely. The Charlotte, NC emcee also known as Kam Moye revealed in a recent blog post that he is planning to return to the music biz after two years with a new LP.

Kam explained that he will be releasing a story-driven concept project with a yet-to-be named producer later this year. He said that even though he was set on leaving music all together in 2010, it was this unnamed producer’s work that actually pushed him to re-evaluate his decision.

“After a two year sabbatical and recording 40-something songs only for my own listening pleasure…I guess, I still have something left to say after all,” he explained. “After years of reluctance about releasing music again, I can honestly thank one acclaimed yet elusive producer for lighting a fire under me again. We both felt stagnant with the music we were creating for years with other people. We decided to create a brand new entity to express ourselves. One emcee + one producer = one hell of a concept album. A definitive concept album where every single song follows the story. As you know with songs like A Baby Story, I have a sick sense of storytelling so don’t expect anything remotely close to being…normal. More on that later though. We both agreed to finish the album first before we shared any of the major details about it.”

Check out the full announcement over at Supastition’s Tumblr.

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