There have been many questions swirling around Method Man for years. Some have asked if he’d record his next album with RZA. Many have requested that the two link up. Others have wondered if his commercial success with movies and music could impede that from happening. Others have wondered about his work with Redman with rumors that the two were done recording their Blackout series. However, Method Man recently explained that he will be making his next album, Crystal Meth, with RZA and that he will also be working on the next Red & Meth album, Blackout 3

“Me and RZA are gonna work together on my next LP, Crystal Meth,” the Shaolin rhymer explained to AllHipHop. “I’m looking forward to getting back in the studio with the kid. We just came off the Wu tour and the camaraderie was still there so I know the chemistry is gonna be there when we go in the studio…As far as mainstream goes, I’m not concerned too tough with that. I’ve been there, done that. So if there are still fans out there listening, I’m definitely coming with some shit for you.”

He also explained that he and Redman will simultaneously be working on their next album together, Blackout 3, while both worked on their solo projects (Redman will be crafting Muddy Waters 2). 

Blackout 3. We’re gonna be doing that together at the same time while we’re doing these two albums. A lot of people slept on that Blackout 2. Blackout 2 was dope. I don’t give a fuck. I did my thing on that album…Honestly, I would put that album up against any album that came out that year.” 

Meth also shut down a potential Wu-Tang film.

“I doubt it because nobody got enough money and everybody’s gotta get paid,” he shared.  

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