Chris Brown’s “I Don’t Like Freestyle” had the internet buzzing earlier this week because of the R&B singer’s disses hurled at Drake, stemming from their altercation last month.

Hot 97’s Miss Info was in Los Angeles this week, conducting interviews leading up to Sunday’s (July 1) BET Awards. During her interviews, Info asked both Big Sean and Meek Mill their takes on the situation.

“It’s all in fun, that’s the entertainment in Hip Hop, I feel like,” opined Big Sean.

Sean vouched for Brown’s credibility. “Chris Brown, people don’t know about Chris Brown. He a real dude. He a tough guy, too. He ain’t soft. He be like, reppin…he go hard.”

“He the most turnt up dude I know. He be rappin’, singin’, dancin’, hoopin’, drawin’, painting…acting,” joked Sean.

Big Sean concluded that the situation wasn’t anything too serious. “I can’t even judge, really. To me – Chris is my homie – it ain’t really affecting me too much. This is entertainment, I just want to see what’s going on.”

Meek Mill, on the other hand, was more cautious. “I just think they need to leave that alone,” said the Philly native. “Leave that to the guys that ain’t getting the money, that need that.”

Meek continued, removing himself from involvement, though he was present for the altercation. “It never was nothing deep with me anyway, before the media just wanted to take it to another level.

“I’m coming from that, I don’t really do that anymore. …I’ve been in jail around people that been all that. You don’t want your life to be derailed over media or a small situation,” added Meek.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of MissInfo.TV:


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