On the day after his first show in New York City, which took place last night (June 25) at SOB’s, Chicago rapper Chief Keef appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to discuss Kanye West’s “I Don’t Like” remix, his hasty rise to fame, and more.

While speaking on Kanye West’s remix of “I Don’t Like” the Interscope signee was asked if he was surprised that West didn’t offer him a spot at G.O.O.D. Music. Keef explained that he didn’t expect to be approached by the rapper, but was grateful for West’s remix of his song.  

“I mean I wasn’t really expecting it though,” said Keef. “I fuck with Kanye west though. He from Chicago and he made it to where he at now…I thank him for doing all the remixes and putting people like Jadakiss on there. Big Sean, everybody love Big Sean. Jada, he go way back. I was listening to him when I was young.”

While Keef’s rise to fame and his deal with Interscope Records seemed to almost come out of nowhere, according to Keef he knew this moment was coming.

“Not really cause I knew this was coming. I was expecting this,” Keef explained when asked if there’s one particular moment from the past few weeks that stands out the most. “I was supposed to catch this and I was ready for it to fall down. Let me catch it [and] I caught it. So everything. I’m thankful for everything that’s going on. All the rappers, like T.I.”

While an album from Keef is currently in the works, right now the rapper is focused on his upcoming mixtape, Finally Rich.

“I got a mixtape coming out right now, but then I’mma do my album. But I got a mixtape called Finally Rich. You know since everybody got Finally Famous I just said Finally Rich,” said the rapper.

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