Chicago, Illinois rapper Chief Keef got a big co-sign from Kanye West after remixing his track “I Don’t Like,” released last night. During an interview with, the 16-year-old spitter explained that he didn’t hear directly from ‘Ye but said that it was more of an acknowledgement to have him remix is gristly anthem.

“He did reach out to me by doing a song,” he said. “I know he wouldn’t do that to anybody. He really don’t give a fuck. I do feel like he reached out to me by getting on the song.”

While the unsigned Keef now has a track in his catalogue that features Big Sean, Jadakiss, Kanye and Pusha T, he isn’t surprised that West made it happen.

“I wasn’t surprised,” he said. “I was just like, ‘Kanye? Kanye wanna get on ‘I Don’t Like’? But I could understand it, ’cause I know he be on it to talk about what he don’t like. And I made the song and nobody had come out with that idea yet.”

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