He’s a critically acclaimed emcee and producer, but fewer fans may realize that Big K.R.I.T. has a third talent up his sleeve – singing. Now, in a recent interview with CBS Local, the Mississippi upstart discusses singing and how he developed his silver throat.

While Krizzo’s no stranger to singing, as evidenced by songs like “Free My Soul” and Live From the Underground‘s “Don’t Let Me Down,” the Mississippi rapper explained that he never had any intention to become a singer. Rather, he said that the only reason he began singing on his tracks was because he was unable to find anyone to sing his hooks. He added that it was actually being in the church choir as a child that helped him develop his pipes. 

“The reason I started singing is because, Lord knows, I couldn’t get anybody to sing on my hooks. Obviously, people wasn’t too horrified with my voice,” he said. “I never was like, ‘I want to be an R&B singer,’ but everybody sung in church. And whether you can sing or not, you might have had that solo at Christmas. My grandmother made sure we sung in the choir. All of that helped now in my music…I sung ‘Silver and Gold’ [but] the records that brought the house down was ‘No Weapon,’ ‘Amazing Grace,’ and ‘This Little Light of Mine,’ if you was the youngest kid in the church.”

Check out the full interview over at In Flex We Trust.

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