After her Grand Hustle boss T.I. called her a “free agent” in an interview last month, fans have been wondering whether Iggy Azalea’s major label recording career had hit a speed bump. Now, in a recent interview with AllHipHop, the Australian femcee explains her current label situation.

Iggy Azalea explained that what Tip meant with his comment was that that she was free to sign a distribution deal, not that she had been dropped by Grand Hustle. In reality, she said she’s parted ways with Interscope as a distributor because Grand Hustle and Interscope were unable to settle on a deal that pleased all the parties involved.

“I’m with Grand Hustle and I can distribute my album through whatever major I’d like to when I’m ready to do that, and I guess that’s what Tip meant when he said I’m a free agent,” she said. “People misconstrued that and thought it meant that I not with Grand Hustle…I don’t have a distribution deal, so I’m free to sign with whatever major in conjunction with Grand Hustle, which is what was originally going to be happening with me, Grand Hustle and Interscope, and we didn’t agree on [a specific deal] but when I’m ready I can.”

She went on, saying, “We had an agreement [with Interscope], and Tip and Grand Hustle weren’t a part of it, and when they came along and we tried to restructure things differently, pieces of the pie get cut up differently and sometimes, people aren’t happy with their piece of the pie. So it was a little bit of that and it was a little bit of feeling a little bit misunderstood by the type of artist I’d to be and the type of artist they perhaps had in mind for me.”

Check out the full interview below.

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