Lil Wayne has conquered music and clothing, now the Young Money mogul is looking to expand his brand to the Internet. According to a recent interview with MTV, the YMCMB star announced that he will soon launch his own website

Bread Over Bed will find Weezy partnering with long-time DJ and video collaborator DJ Scoob Doo to present video-based content that will capture the superstar rapper’s day-to-day experiences. Wayne explains that he wants to show people the amount of drive and passion it takes to accomplish one’s dreams.

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“This Bread Over Bed thing is more like a lifestyle, it’s more like a way of life. There’s no quit, there’s no stopping, there’s no such thing as a break, and the best part about it is there’s no reason why — the reason is you. The reason why I don’t stop is because of me, the reason why I don’t sleep is because of me, the reason why I don’t take breaks is because of me. I don’t have to. It’s natural.”

Check out the full interview below.

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