Brooklyn, New York emcee/producer Necro will release his latest project Murder Muder Kill Kill, a double-EP on July 31. The brother of Ill Bill and longtime CEO of Psycho+Logical Records’ latest release follows up 2010’s DIE!, and is a reported pre-cursor to Necro’s Rap Godfathers joint effort with Kool G Rap, who is featured on the 2EP.

Included on the double-EP is “I’m Like Howard Stern,” which has reportedly been played on the shock-jock’s satellite radio show.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1.     Toxsik Waltz
2.     The Godfathers (Kool G Rap + Necro) – ‘The System’
3.     No Concern
4.     Gruesome Twosome (Necro + Mr. Hyde) – ‘Gore!’
5.     Sharon’s Fetus (The Pre-kill)
6.     Schizophrenia
7.     Tough Jew
8.     Rabbi Holding Guns
9.     For The Streets
10.     I’m Like Howard Stern
11.     Kid Joe Anthem
12.     Rock The Kazbah
13.     Raw Talent
14.     Squirt
15.     Porn Game Crucifixion

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