During an appearance on DJ Drama’s radio show on Shade45, rapper J. Cole reassured fans that a project with Kendrick Lamar is likely going to happen. J. Cole revealed that while the project may end up being released for free he plans on approaching it as an album.

“Kendrick, that’s definitely gonna happen. I don’t have a timeline but you know if he lands here at 12:00 tonight, we get in for two days, he’ll fly out, we’ll do that again when we can. He’s working on his album. First we gotta make the music,” said J. Cole. “I would shoot for an album. If we put it out for free then I guess that’s just the day and age we live in, but I’m not making it like a mixtape.”

J. Cole also spoke on his sophomore album and the fact that there’s a lot less pressure and a lot more freedom when it comes to creating this album.



“I have way more freedom. It’s already improved upon because I’m pressure-less,” J. Cole explained. “The label didn’t even expect me to do the numbers I did. You know what I’m saying? So with that type of freedom it’s like I haven’t been in this place creatively since before my record deal, a little after my record deal. Right before the labels started asking me for a single and it started messing up how I make music. I’m back to the place I was before that.”

As far as his relationship with Diggy Simmons is concerned J. Cole explained that he’d be willing to talk it out with the rapper if it ever came down to it.

“I’m not even thinking about it, but if I see him of course,” said J. Cole when asked if he would speak to the rapper. “What am I gonna go beat Diggy up or something? That’s not gonna happen. It’s Diggy Simmons, just remember this. He’s a kid. He’s good, he’s talented, but he’s a kid. I was really surprised when people was making that an issue…That’s not the type of beef you wanna be involved in.”

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