Camp Lo’s 1996 debut album, Uptown Saturday Night was produced by North Carolina native Ski Beatz (f/k/a Ski). Geechie Suede, Sonny Cheeba and Ski worked together on follow-up efforts through the next 13 years. While Camp Lo teamed with Pete Rock recently for the yet-released side project 80 Blocks From Tiffany’s, it was announced today that they are back to releasing material with Ski.

Fort Apache, a six-track EP is available for free download at DD172.TV. The project takes its name from the 1981 Paul Newman film, Fort Apache, The Bronx, where Camp Lo are from.

The tracks include:

Sugar Willes Revenge
Flawless Victory
52 Pick Up
Did You Know

In February of this year, Ski released his third 24 Hour Karate School project, called Twilight. It features Mac Miller, Curren$y and Smoke DZA.