In an extended interview, Mac Miller recently spoke on his success as an independent artist and discussed his ties to Wiz Khalifa. The Pittsburgh emcee stopped by MTV’s Hip Hop POV to speak on why he still lives at home with his mother and why he’s tried to create his own lane, separate from Wiz. 

“I was on the road so much that I figured when I get home, go and see my mom, get a home cooked meal and stack my bread,” Mac Miller said of living at home with his mother. “Now that I have my bread, I’m moving.” 

Aside from saving money, Miller also discussed his relationship with Wiz Khalifa, saying they’re friends but that they are different and in separate lanes. 

“Wiz is the homie, man. That’s the homie,” he shared. “Early on, from the early days of us in the studio, it was all about me stepping out and doing me. It was about me not trying to take what he’d done and join it and ride it to the top. It was about me creating my own lane. That’s my homie forever but it’s not really a music or business thing. I’ve tried to do as much as I could to do things differently in my way. 

However, he also said the two would join forces for their tour, the Under the Influence Tour.

“We’re still close and we’re about to join back up to do a tour together,” he added. “But it’s dope because we’re co-headliners.”

More from the POV interview can be seen below.  

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