A 10-minute preview for Nas’ episode of VH1’s “Behind the Music” has been released ahead of its air date, this Thursday.

In the clip, Nas speaks about growing up in Queensbridge, while his younger brother Jungle serves as a talking head on the program. Esco recalls the difficulty of his parents splitting up, and his cousin Denise Tunnell explains why they parted ways.

He also looks at the importance of respecting your roots and how that inspires his craft. “You can never forget where you come from, no matter how far you go. In the neighborhood where I’m from, people are killed for nothing. You can’t just ignore it. That’s the beauty of rap music, because we’re going to give you the side that no one wants to talk about. We tell you the truth. America, this is your country, this is what’s going on.”

Watch the preview below.

[April 16]

UPDATE: The full episode of Nas’ “Behind the Music” special has been released. Watch the show below (via Yardie).

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