Last night, Lil B took the podium at New York University’s Kimmel Center to give a lecture about topics ranging from self-love and creativity to hydraulic fracking and politics. During the hourlong speech, Based God revealed that he has more songs recorded with Lil Wayne in addition to one with “the biggest artist in the world.” He also plans to release a rock album titled California Boy, a project that “is about to go down in history.”

“Well, you guys are actually the first to hear, but I’m releasing my rock album. Pretty much. Regardless me selling platinum records or me going gold or nothing, I already made history in rap,” he said. “Nobody has ever done what I’ve done. So with that, out of respect for people, I’m not just some joke. I’m not some rapper who’s going to make some joke rock album. This is going to be real respect. This is going some garage punk. This is going to be for the rebels. And the women and the ladies, we about to be having a real good time. But look out for my Lil B rock album, California Boy. We made history NYU because y’all are the first people to hear that. I’m shutting it down. It’s about to be a celebration for all of us. Thank you for believing me, because this rock album is about to go down in history. On everything.”

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