Earlier this morning, Nicki Minaj took the hot seat at Power 105’s Breakfast Club morning show to talk about everything from her humble beginnings to working with Nas on “Champion.” During the interview, the Harajuku Barbie also addressed her spats with other female rappers, explaining that she has beef with nobody and that after having reigned victorious in her beef with Lil’ Kim, she’s ready to move on.

“I don’t go at nobody, Envy. I don’t say anything to them. What’s so interesting is that you guys always think I’m talking to somebody in particular. A lot of times, I’ll be talking to people y’all have no idea I’m talking to, which is interesting,” she said. “I’m good, and when I say that, I mean I’m not writing records about any girls in the game past or present, I wish you the best. And I really mean that. We went at it, the best woman won and I’m ready to move on. People make it a bigger deal than I make it.”

Nicki mentioned that she’s ready to go on a worldwide tour and has an intensely dedicated fan base – just two of her accomplishments in her relatively short career. She says that she’s moved on from worrying about what other people think of her, but made sure to end her explanation with a warning for all the slick-talking rappers out there.

“I don’t worry about that stuff as much as you guys worry about it. I’m having fun. For my first album, I wasn’t really having fun. I was still figuring myself out as an artist, I was too busy caring about what critics thought. Now, I’m actually enjoying myself. So in terms of the girls, I said before, when a door opens for me, that means you just got another opportunity to do you. I told Charlamagne, in order for my theory to prove right, these girls have to come in the game and now get deals because of Nicki Minaj. I said this would happen. If these girls don’t like me, that’s fine. But watch your mouth.”

She also noted how she paid her respect to door-opening female rappers and how it was expected for her to buckle when someone went at her. “I always did. I bowed down to everybody. I gave everybody their props, because I really believed that you guys opened doors for me and y’all did y’all thing. But when people start going at me, I think a lot of people thought I was going to crumble when people started going at me. People don’t know how I’m built.”

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