It’s no secret that Bryan and Mannie Fresh haven’t been on good terms over the past few years, but Mystikal, who recently signed to Cash Money, isn’t involved in the beef. During an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper said that he was in prison when their differences arose.

“I was gone, I wasn’t out here. What I do with Mannie is what I do with Mannie. What I do with my company is what I do with my company,” he says.

Mystikal has been working with Mannie Fresh on his upcoming Cash Money debut Original, stating that there are about five tracks completed with Fresh for the project. 

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“I did some hot tracks with him, when I first came home, like some mixtape kinda stuff. We just ain’t ever released it yet,” he said. “Me and Mannie, we have about five under our belt right now, so I’m just tryin’a keep it movin’. I got what I need from KLC, the Beats by the Pound stuff. Lord, it’s gonna be an awesome album.”

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