Grammy-nominated Christian Hip Hop artist Flame is releasing his latest album, The 6th, on March 6th.

Since his last album Captured, the St.Louis, Missouri-based emcee has traveled to London, Paris, India and Africa. His extensive world travels – combined with what he’s been learning as he works toward his master’s degree in biblical counseling – have greatly influenced the subject matter on his latest project.

“It’s my sixth album, but that’s only one aspect of it,” said Flame, explaining the project’s title. “The second aspect is that it’s a study of anthropology, the study of man, who we are, who God creates us to be. On the sixth day, The Bible says that God created mankind. I wanted to explore that after being around so many different people groups and so many different nations, seeing similarities and differences. I wanted to really explore that and bring it to the album from an artistic aspect.”

With features from the likes of Thi’sl and Lecrae, Flame thinks the album could have a far-reaching impact.

“Sonically, it’s a big record,” Flame said. “The production is really big. It’s very current and very relevant. I was thinking of the pop listeners, people who are just into where music is right now, whether that’s Pop music or Hip Hop or whatever. As far as content, it’s for people who are interested in knowing answers to life’s questions: ‘Who are we? Why are we here? What’s my purpose?’ It’s for thinkers, people who are considering some of the most weighty issues in life.”

Although it’s his sixth project, The 6th is only Flame’s second album on his own label, Clear Sight Music. The former Cross Movement Records emcee decided to branch out to give a platform to other artists as well as create a platform for some of the other resources he plans to create.

Flame has signed two artists to the label, Pop singer V. Rose and southern Christian hip-hop emcee Young Noah.

“If you look at Billboard charts, iTunes charts or whatever charts, the top of the charts at least currently are a lot of Pop artists,” Flame said. “You have your Adeles, your Justin Biebers, your Rihannas. Artists in that vein are very influential in our day and time. I wanted to bring that element to the Clear Sight brand. And when we met V. Rose, she was just a cut above the rest in my humble opinion. She’s an incredible talent who loves the Lord and loves people. She’s a phenomenal artist.”

A Midwest emcee himself, Flame has always been influenced by the South.

“Everything I grew up on was Southern Hip Hop,” Flame said. “Noah’s from Atlanta. He’s got that ATL swag as they say. His wordplay is crazy. He’s very witty. His sense of humor is second to none, and he brings all that together with the content of the Bible.”

Flame will be  promoting the new project on a tour with Reach Records rapper Trip Lee, whose new album The Good Life drops on April 10.  

You can listen to the first single, “Trap Money,” featuring Thi’sl and Young Noah.