Nicki Minaj inspired some conspiracy theorists to speculate on a possible Illuminati connection from her performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards. While the religious imagery convinced some that she has dealings with the secret society, her associate Waka Flocka Flame dismisses the theories as gossip and says that the organization is hurting society more than helping it.

“My thoughts on that? I ain’t got no thoughts on that, it’s bullshit. Niggas just make up names cause they don’t know people’s business. They create business for people’s business,” he said. “Like, if people stop being so nosy and stay out of people’s business, maybe the name Illuminati won’t be created. Honestly, they’re just making a lot of money off of that shit because they selling books to people that’s buying it, and that money is generating millions. I don’t believe in that shit. Salute to Nicki, I loved her performance. I love everything she does.”

Watch the full interview below.

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