Busta Rhymes made headlines in November 2011 after announcing a joint deal with Cash Money Records and Google Music, which has provided him a platform to release and promote his music through Google’s technology. Speaking with MTV2’s Sucker Free, Bus-A-Buss explained how his situation is unique to the game and how the partnership is etched in the history books.

“The label situation is phenomenal. It’s a marriage that I feel is a genuine one, and it’s a deal that’s a first of its kind because we sat at the roundtable and created something that’s a one of one and it’s a first of its kind,” he said. “It’s partnering up of Google and Cash Money together and being able to make a marriage and a merge in a support system that is unlike anything that’s ever existed in the history of music.”

When asked to explain how Google is making an effort to embrace the music industry, Busta said that it’s important to the company to create platforms for musicians and artists, stating that it would be “blasphemous” for them not to try to crack the market.

“The Google thing… I think what makes the Google thing so incredible is that they realize how important it is for them to be a part of music. They realize how important they are, period. It’s almost like, if you can’t be found on Google, you don’t exist in the world, for real. They understand that with that strength and with that power that they have, that it was almost blasphemous for them to not have their hands in music as well.”

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