After Nate Dogg received medical treatment from CareMeridian in Orange County, California prior to his death, the healthcare facility is now suing his estate over unpaid medical expenses.

According to TMZ, Nate moved into a treatment center following his second stroke in 2008. He racked up $293,512.52 in bills for care from 2008 to 2010, which manager David Michery guaranteed they would pay to the facility.

The lawsuit claims that Nate Dogg’s camp did not pay the expenses, even after his death in 2011.

[February 9]

UPDATE: According to TMZ, former Nate associate David Michery says that he vowed to pay the bill back in 2010, but that “none of Nate’s so-called rapper friends” cared to help out following his death.

“I was the only person who would come forward because I didn’t want him to die,” he said. “Me and Nate have 20 years history together and I did what everyone should have done and tried to save his life … not let him get kicked out in the streets and die.”

Michery claims that he will make up the difference by releasing previously unheard Nate Dogg songs, and says that he has no regrets. “Not at all … I would do it again in a minute. I just wish that the people he looked out for all these years and the people who claim to love him so much would help out.”

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